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5 Things To Do On The Island Of Capri

Capri is a beautiful island located in the bay of Naples. Just a short boat ride away from surrounding Naples, Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast. This island continually attracts many tourists and artists from all over the globe. Which is not surprising as Capri’s dramatic, cove-studded coastline boasts one of the worlds most rugged and spectacular landscapes! An absolute must see on any trip to Italy!

As many people visit Capri on a day trip from the mainland, prioritising what to see and do in a short space of time can be a little overwhelming.

So, to make this a little easier, here are the 5 things you MUST do when visiting Capri!

#1 Chair lift up Mount Solaro

You simply cannot visit Capri without witnessing the spectacular panoramic views of the island at the summit of Mount Solaro. It is possible to reach the top by foot, but on a hot summers day and with little time available for day trippers, this option is not ideal!

So, for a more weather friendly and tranquil experience, the chairlift departing from Anacapri is by far the most rewarding option!! For the equivalent of £10/€11.50 return, you can sit back, relax and take in the wonderful sea and Island views on this 12 minute journey along the mountain side. As the crowds of Capri can be quite overwhelming in peak season, these few quiet minutes away from the hustle and bustle, will be some of the most peaceful moments on your visit to this incredible Island.

Once at the summit you will not only witness panoramic views of the whole Island, but also the Bay of Naples and the Amalfi peninsula. An absolute must do for any lover of beautiful rugged natural landscapes!

#2 A boat tour around the Island

For those travellers short on time, the best way to see the more remote parts of Capri is via a boat tour! Not only will you witness spectacular views of Capri and the beautiful deep-coloured blue sea, you will also pass through some of the most famous attractions in Capri! These include the iconic rock formations known as the Faraglioni, Tiberius’  Leap, the Punta Carena lighthouse, and many more!

Many of these boat tours include a tour of the famous Blue Grotto! This is a highly popular excursion so the waters surrounding the grotto can get pretty crowded.  But the pretty iridescent blue waters will soon take your mind off this! When the weather is calm, you will transfer from your boat tour, onto a smaller rowing boat which will take you into the grotto. Here you can witness the wonderful deep blue reflections which illuminate the caves!

So if you have time to spare in your itinerary, make so to hop on a boat tour for a truly unique 360 degree view of Capri!

#3 Marina Piccola beach

Capri has a limited number of accessible beaches. These beaches are also often on the small side, so they can get quite crowded in the summer months. So make sure to get there early to claim a good spot! One of the most popular beaches is Marina Piccola. Due to protection from Mount Solaro, it is one of the warmest spots on Capri. Views of the famous Faraglioni cliffs are also an added bonus!

Although beach space is tight, there are a variety of cafes and beach bars dotted along the coast. The perfect place to sit back and watch the world go by! The beach is accessible by walking, taxi or the local bus from Capri Town – the roads are quite bendy though, so make sure to hold on!

#4 Take in the view from the Gardens of Augustus

Capri’s beautiful botanical gardens, the Gardens of Augustus, are just a short walk away from Capri Town. Originally built by German manufacturer Fredrich Alfred Krupp in the 1990s, this colourful garden is bursting with sculptures and flower-decked terraces overlooking the vibrant blue sea.

Here, you can witness some of the best sights on the Island. The spectacularly manicured gardens frame panoramic views of the ocean, the Faraglioni sea stacks, Marina Piccola and Via Krupp. The perfect place to visit for any nature lovers!

#5 Visit Capri Town via the Funicular

Capri Town is the most popular town on the Island. The whitewashed stone buildings and the tiny, car-free streets exude a luxurious air. With grandeur hotels, expensive bars, high-end boutiques and designer shops lining the streets – its easy to see why this island is the playground of the rich and famous! However, no matter your budget, a stroll amongst these grand streets is still a must do!

The best way to arrive in Capri Town is via the Funicular railway! The Funicular runs between the port in Marina Grande and the Piazzetta in Capri Town. In peak times it runs non-stop, taking around 4 minutes. With views of the island and a ticket only costing 2 euros (the same price as a bus ticket) it’s well worth a go!

Advice for your visit to Capri

In summer Capri can be extremely busy, streets are packed, beaches are full and buses are cramped. Don’t let this put you off though, as it is an absolute must visit! But if you have the freedom to visit at any time of the year, I would advice avoiding July and August if you are after a more relaxing visit!

If you’re heading to Capri on a day trip from the Amalfi Coast, make sure to check out my post –  The Most Beautiful Places On The Amalfi Coast!
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  1. The chairlift and the gardens look so beautiful. Italy is at the top of our family’s bucket list- we can’t wait to get there!

  2. This is a part of italy I would LOVE to visit! I’ve been to Venice, Florence and Rome, but Capri and the Amalfi Coast are on the top of my list. Beautiful pictures!

    Andrea |

  3. This sounds amazing 😍

  4. Sounds amazing! We have visited Naples and the Amalfi coast, but didn’t have time for Capri that trip. We will definitely do it next time!

    Karen |

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