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6 Things You MUST Do In Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a beautiful city that has so much to offer. Located in Denmark – one of the happiest and safest countries in the world, it’s hard not to fall for this city!

Copenhagen can only be described as a laid-back edgy city. Although it is the capital of Denmark, you wouldn’t think it – especially if you are visiting in the off-peak season. Everything in the city is in walking or cycling distance (a very popular form of transport here). Crowds are typically at a minimum compared to other European capitals. There are an abundance of cosy cafes, unique fashion shops, museums and many green spaces. It’s impossible to get bored here!

Many travellers only visit this spectacular city for a few days – meaning it can be hard trying to fit everything in. So if you are heading off to Copenhagen soon, check out this list of 6 things you MUST do while you’re there.

#1 Tivoli

If it’s thrill seeking you’re after – look no further than Tivoli gardens. It is the second-oldest operating amusement park in the world! Going here is a must for anyone visiting Copenhagen, young or old – there are rides for everyone! As well as rollercoasters, there are also games, restaurants, theatres and even an aquarium!

I visited the day before Halloween, which was super fun as there were so many decorations and cute fairy lights lighting up the park. If you are visiting in the colder months, you NEED to try Gløgg! This Scandinavian version of mulled wine is sold all over the park. The perfect drink to keep you warm!

I also went in the afternoon/evening which was much less busier, meaning no queues for rides, yay! So I definitely advise trying to go in the off-peak season or time of day – giving you the time to see and do everything you desire.

You also can’t leave Tivoli without going on the famous 100-year old rollercoaster – don’t worry its very safe! The park can be quite expensive though as admission tickets and ride tickets are purchased separately. If you only want to go on a few rollercoasters, you can pay for each ride separately. Wristbands are an option for any adrenaline junkies.

#2 Nyhavn

Nyhavn is immediately recognisable as one of the most famous cityscapes in Northern Europe. Colourful picturesque homes dating back to the 18th century line the waterway. It is bursting with history. Three of these beautiful buildings were even once home to Hans Christian Andersen!

This is a very popular spot for tourists and it can become quite crowded. However, there are many lovely restaurants and cafes that serve traditional Danish food – the perfect place for a spot of people watching. Smørrebrød is one of Denmark’s most famous dishes. It is an open sandwich usually consisting of rye bread with a variety of toppings, such as fish, meat or vegetables. Nyhavn is the perfect place to taste this delicious dish, great views, great food – could it get any better?!

For those with more of a sweet tooth – head to Vaffelbageren. You can choose from delicious ice cream, waffles and even churros (my personal favourite!).

#3 Rosenborg Castle

Rosenborg castle is quite possibly the most picturesque castle in the whole of Denmark. It looks and feels like a fairy-tale setting. This spectacular 400-year old castle is located in the beautiful King’s Garden. A very popular spot where many locals come to relax admire the views.  It was originally built by the famous Scandinavian King, Christian IV. Today it is home to Danish royal art treasures and even the crown jewels! If you desire to view some of these pieces in the historical extravagant interior, you can enter the castle for around £13.

#4 Canal Tour

A canal tour is a must do for anyone who seeks to see the city from a different perspective. Due to Copenhagen’s location on a series of islands, the city has a number of quaint little canals running through the centre.

These tours are typically around an hour long and take you past many historical landmarks. From hip Christianshavn, the Opera House, Amalienborg palace (home of the Danish royal family) and even the famous sculpture – the little mermaid, there are so many things to see! These tours are normally guided, so you have the chance to learn all about Copenhagen’s interesting history. They also run throughout the year, with open top boats in the summer, and closed top panoramic boats in the winter.

#5 Rundetaarn

For panoramic views of the city – head to Rudetaarn (‘The Round Tower’). For the equivalent of a few pounds, you can walk the spiral walkway all the way to the top. There are no steps, just a circular path which gradually increases in height. This unique tower layout was originally designed so a horse and carriage could reach the library – how inventive?! Once you reach the top, there is a magnificent view of the city. All the famous landmarks are visible – it’s just perfect on a clear day.

#6 Paper Island

This is one for the foodies! Paper Island or Papirøen, is an urban street food market. This indoor market has a huge array of different food stalls from all over the world. From Tacos, noodles, burgers – there’s enough food to suit anyone’s preference (including veggie and vegan options). It can become quite busy at peak eating times, but there are seating areas indoors and outside. There are also many bars serving all sorts of drinks. It is a great social experience – an absolute must do while you’re visiting the city.


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  1. theamalog says:

    #1,2 and 6 – Tivoli, Nyhavn and Paper Island attracred me right away. Thanks for sharing this. Would need to look back when I’ve decided to visit this beautiful place 👍

  2. Great list! I definitely want to try to visit Tivoli when I visit Copenhagen, Halloween sounds like it’d be a fun time to go!

  3. weatthesea says:

    I really want to do the canal tour! I really enjoyed your list.

    Thank you for sharing!

  4. Todaysouhaila says:

    Copenhagen looks so beautiful, those colorful buildings are so beautiful.

  5. It looks beautiful. I am looking to head out to Denmark for a mini-break next year so this is really useful x

  6. I went to Copenhagen when I was 17 on a school trip and I don’t think I really appreciated it at the time. I would love to go back and explore it again now. Great post

  7. I’ve wanted to visit Copenhagen for so long and your post is making me want to jump on a plane there now! I’ve seen so many photos of Nyhavn and I bet it’s even prettier in real life! Natalie x

  8. Copenhagen screams picture-perfect European village to me- definitely on my bucket list!

  9. I’m even more determined to go back now! I love this, thank you! X

  10. Amazing post!! I love reading travel posts and I would love to go to Denmark, I hope I will someday!!

  11. I’ve never had the chance to go to Denmark and didn’t know what to expect but it’s so pretty!! 😍 I would love to see the Tivoli gardens and Nyhavn! It looks like nice places to check! 😉
    I might steal your churros as well!! 😍

  12. Geraldine says:

    Thanks for posting! I would love to visit Copenhagen someday 😍 the pictures are beautiful as well

  13. Hello Copenhagen! Tivoli sounds right up my alley of a good time!

  14. Copenhagen looks like such a beautiful city, I would love to visit. I have heard Tivoli is amazing, looks so fun! xx

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  17. That is amazing selection! I loved Paper Island, all the food there…yummy! I really hope I will get to visit Copenhagen again next year.

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